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2013 is a new year and with a new year comes a new adventure and ours begins with starting Velvet Highway INK. 

Here you will be able to purchase e-books for download from myself and others 



This e-book “And I Do Sing” a poetry cycle by Joe Lewis, is a Memento mori a representation of his 1989 poetry chap book commemorating the passing of  THOMAS MICHAEL KELLY  1961- 1987 a friend, an artist, the partner  who “Having Not Yet Had” did not survive an HIV/ AIDS diagnosis. This marks the 25 anniversary of his passing in 1987. With an introduction Gay cultural theorist David Bateman this e-book is illustrated with the vibrant sometimes erotic art work of Michael and both a commemoration and celebration of death observed as part of life

You can read David Bateman's introduction: "Introduction: The Elemental Prance of Life1" and three of the twelve poems, see five of Michael Kelley's prints and the endpapers created from an image of one of my jacquard weavings.  

Free Poetry Sampler 

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What others are saying about And I Do Sing..

“Reflecting on the rage of having a lover torn away, Lewis envisions all tomorrow’s parties ended. A personal snapshot of the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s, And I Do Sing expresses the visceral intensity evoked by the loss of a lover, journeying forward to re-embrace life and memory. “

Catherine Jenkins

Catherine Jenkins has written two books, a poetry collection blood, love & boomerangs and a novel Swimming in the Ocean, both published by Insomniac Press.

“Like the very best rock songs that refuse to stop playing in your mind, the poems in And I Do Sing are powerfully musical and fiercely intelligent. They are helpless, tender, sometimes funny and lit by a rage akin to prayer. Lewis sings not just for himself but for all who have lost someone important for all the wrong reasons.” 

Ursula Pflug 

Ursula Pflug is author of the novel Green Music and the story collection After The Fires 


%100 Gluten Free Joe Lewis 

This "Souvenir Postcard from the Velvet Highway" booklet is a rather silly collection of "postcards" inspired by my recent exhibition, travels and "Where's Waldo" It may also be your opportunity to make your very own Joe Lewis art and if you are inspired you might consider this a Mail Art call, though it will probably end up on-line rather then on a wall. But Hey! who knows?


You will find reformatted issues of fibreQUARTERLY Anthologies generated on-line at  and soon find new issues. find them here 

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